Jeroen Pek – Jazz flautist – Composer – Educator 

Based both in The Netherlands and France, Jeroen Pek is international considered as one of the leading jazz flute players of today. He is notable for a remarkable personal ‘voice’ on his instrument. In addition to virtuosity this voice is greatly determined by ‘ joyful power play ‘, an impressive palette of colors and dynamics as well as a great deal of curiousity and little fear of the fringes. This approach made Jeroen the eclectic musician/composer he is today.


He studied at the jazz department of the Rotterdam Conservatory (NL) and graduated (Bachelor and Masters) in 1992. His teachers among others were Herb Geller, Ferdinand Povel, Dick Gout and Bob Brookmeyer. Master classes of greats such as Hubert Laws, Frank Wess and David Liebman was part of his education. Jeroen was flute teacher at the very same conservatory between 1991 and 1993.


For over three decades Jeroen has been touring and recording with a wide array of projects, both his own as well as sideman of others. He has been playing in Europe, North Africa and the USA.

His most striking groups today (and in the recent past) containing multi-national line ups, f.i. Jeroen Pek Invites feat. Christian Doepke, Joris Teepe, Owen Hart Jr. (NL/USA/D), Jeroen Pek European Quartet feat. Serge Lazarevitch, Jean-Luc Lehr, Onno Witte (NL/F), Flute Flight feat Stefan Bracaval, Ewout Pierreux (NL/B), Pitch Plot 4 feat. Ahmad Jamal bass player James Cammack, Christian Pabst/Tony Roe, Onno Witte (NL/USA/D), 6 Spoons-1 Kitchen feat. Oleg Fateev, Nabil Khemir, Ahmed Nazmi, Simone Sou, Onno Witte (NL/MOL/BRA/EG/TUN) and Pek/Pansanel/Valle/Rocca (NL/F/CAT).

Notable bands in past are f.i. Jeroen Pek Band, Jeroen Pek Quartet and the memorable jazz-rock formats PitchWhiteStorm and PitchWhiteStorm Exchange, featuring the cream of the crop of the Dutch (jazz-) scene, Rob van den Broeck, Wiro Mahieu, Jeroen van Vliet, Pieter Bast, Bert Lochs, Onno Witte, Steve Altenburg, Stormvogel, David de Marez Oyens, Oene van Geel and Mark Thur.

Furthermore he played among others with Grammy Award winner Fathy Salama (EG), Nuevo Manteca, Jasper van ‘t Hof, Afework Nigussie (ETH), Bohemian Groove Orchestra, Onno Witte’s Wild Card and Sandro Schneebelli (CH) and Maribelle ‘La Conija’ Llobregat.


As a composer Jeroen Pek received honourable mentions during the composition contest of Jazz composers Alliance in Boston (‘96, ’97 and ’99) and was nominated twice (‘96 and 06’) for the composition contest of the prestigious Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz in Washington D.C. He received several (international) composition assignments.


Jeroen Pek is principal flute- and ensemble teacher at the jazz department of the ArtEZ Conservatory in Arnhem (The Netherlands).

He coached students in the minor Cultural Entrepreneurship at the Fontys Art School in Tilburg and gives international master classes about jazz (-flute), f.i. Flute Festival Gland (CH), Art Beat Festival (Egypt), International Flute Convention Milano (I) and the Liszt Conservatory Budapest (HU).

Jeroen is endorser of the Inderbinen brass flute and Educci head joints, Saxrax brass- and windwood stands, Artisan custom build instrument cases and Thamani fair trade fashion.