Flute, the full-fledged jazz instrument

A high end master class for flute players.

About improvisation, phrasing, articulation, vibrato, color, sound, presence, extended techniques and -last but not least- developing an individual “voice”. Tailor made format, either private or in public. Up to 4 students.

Jazz Flute Choir with rhythm section

Clinic introduction jazz playing on flute (C-flutes plus alto- and bass flutes) about improvisation, communication and techniques.

Private flute lessons

For advanced players.

Preparation course entrance audition jazz departments of conservatories/universities.

Band clinics

Meet the band, talk, discuss and play.
An accessible open space clinic / masterclass about the concept, music, international exchange, band-mechanism and entrepreneurship. For all who want to be inspired in creative teamwork.

To me core values of bands are very much about high level and intense music in the perspective of the human dimension. Trust, sharing ideas/concepts and experience are an important part of it.
The concept of creative jazz bands in general is the sum of musicians, each with their personal “voice” and expertise. It requires a certain level of knowledge, communication and interaction which is essential to tell a story which includes the audience without giving in on artistic depth.

And as a result of that, this is the key to value-driven cultural entrepreneurship.