Press Quotes about Pitch Plot 4

“The best jazz flautist we have!… There is an exceptional energy and click between these four great musicians. Reaching out, inviting and sharing… making the audience part of an adventure…they are able to create this experience on practically any stage, from intimate venues to major festivals”. (Aad van Nieuwkerk, jazz radio producer national broadcaster VPRO/Vrije Geluiden, The Netherlands).

“This quartet playes a wide array of  dynamics between acoustic subtleties and gritty jazz-rock. They make the listener part of an adventure”. (“Fluit”, magazine of the Dutch Flute Association)

“Enormous spirited and high level playing. Jeroen Pek takes the listener to the corners of his sound universe. Striking role for bass player James Cammack, such a drive!” (“Muziekwereld”, magazine of the Dutch musicians union)

“An excellent live CD of one of the most interesting bands from The Netherlands. With an armada of flutes, Pek is one of the most fascinating flute-voices in jazz…..Agile and imaginative soloing…no fear of “dirty-smokey”, slanting, synthetically alienated sounds”
(Angela Ballhorn, Jazzthetik (Germany), Jazz‘n’More (Switzerland)

“undeniably “Big Eyebow” emerged as a quality CD… all preferences are fusing to a curiously making entirety… a cd that will appeal to a wide audience(, The Netherlands)

**** “A huge variation of timbre and style elements… a post-modal approach of harmony and soloing” (Jazzism Magazine, The Netherlands)

No ego stuff, they just play the right tone at the right place that contributes to exciting, adventurous and exciting music” (Mattie Poels, Music Frames)

“A very varied album… Music in which the melody is paramount, and the musicians tell a story with a head and a tail… very energetic and enthusiastic(, Belgium/Netherlands) 

“Their latest CD has been very positively reviewed on this blog and in other media, thanks to the outstanding performance of the group, the four members and the great variety of musical styles they show on this album. They are of great value for Dutch jazz music, but also, due to the international line-up, for the rest of the world. Their unique sound, in which they combine jazz, world-music and pop, has a great attraction to a broad public and deserves it to be heard by much more people” (Ben Taffijn, jazz journalist, The Netherlands)

Press Quotes about 6 Spoons, 1 Kitchen

“Musicians from Tunesia, Moldavia, Brazil, Egypt and The Netherlands in one group. The expectations about this concert were high. The repertoire –each musician contributed a composition- and the concert itself redeemed this promise absolutely. A multi-mix of exotic- and Brazilian sounds resulted in unexpected music which carries you into a Global-mix.” “Beautiful ornaments, very well played”  “an attentive audience which rewarded this band with enthusiastic applause”. (Matti Poels, world music program maker Dutch national radio)

“A great concert, as expected!” “a band with a nice blend of the “couleur locale” of each musician” “an impressive performance by percussionist Simone Sou” “Nabil Khemir added a mysterious oriental atmosphere to the group sound” “Groovy composition by Jeroen Pek specially written for this line-up” (Ugenda, world music internet magazine)

“Superficial it seems hard it to make it work but Pek knows how to create common ground with this wide array of musical backgrounds of five very different nationalities. A delicious and coherent melting pot!” (Jazzflits, Dutch internet magazine) 

Press Quotes about PitchWhiteStorm (Exchange)

“This cd is recorded with love and decation by four top muscians.”  “…a soundtrack of a not yet released series of films…” (Bassist, professional journal for bassplayers, The Netherlands)

“For those in search for creative exuberance, a voyage with PitchWhiteStorm is absolutly recommended”

“Epoch –making and hypnotizing Quantum music” (Internet jazz magazine, The Netherlands/Belgium)

“I can listen to this band for hours” “An ideal blend of instruments with sound wizzard Mark Thur (laptop) as a full fledged member of the band” (Co de Kloet (Jazz programm maker Dutch National radio)

“…Masculine, metropolitan, and post-industrial, fortunatly alternated with modest moments of the pure beauty of a raga” (“Fluit”, magazine of the Dutch Flute Association)

“On top of a magic mushroom, PitchWhiteStorm established itself on the throne of sounds in the Hallucian Empire” “….the listener has to be strongly prepared to understand and enjoy these psycho-active signals” (Muziekwereld, magazine of the Dutch musicians union)

Press Quotes about Jeroen Pek Quartet

“A very vivid and crispy group (Jeroen Pek Band). A band to check out” (Swing Journal, Japan.)

“Pek’s playing is very ornamented. His tone has a wide range of colour and therefore its own character. A band with a perfect togetherness” (Wormser Zeitung, Germany.)

“Pek walks the thin line between the ballad like and groovy approach, paints beautiful moody landscapes and leaves a lot of space to his fellow band members”(Rheinische Post, Germany.)

“This quartet masters a complex of changes in harmonics, dynamics and rhythm. The repertoire contains a wide array of genres: from philharmonic jazz through West Coast to Hard Bop” (Mainzer Algemeine, Germany.)

“Remarkable strong ensemble. The touching, seducing and tempting flute which makes you curious” (Hans Dijkstal (former minister of the interior in Holland), Financieel Dagblad, The Netherlands.)

“Pek is not afraid of some un-American behaviour. Hard Bop as if it was invented yesterday. A very fine rhythm section. Probably the best in Holland”(NRC/Handelsblad, The Netherlands.) 

“A few flautists play good Jazz. Pek is one of them. He is a passionate player” (Rotterdams Dagblad, The Netherlands)

“Pek’s sound is incomparable. This is pure hard bop; continuously on the move in original and rich improvisations” (Haagse Courant, The Netherlands)

“Pek is a very good soloist on flutes. He knows how to give his instrument body” (Knack, Belgium.)

“Pek combines virtuosity with emotion and plays with an enormous joy” (l’Echo de Dordogne, France.)

“The audience was so enthusiastic about the talented performance of Pek; his playing and his energetic and personal compositions. They kept on going to ask the band back for an encore” (La Depeche, France.)

“Pek gives the flute its dignity back as a full-fledged Jazz instrument” (Dordogne Libre, France)

“Pek distinguishes himself from other flute players by his personal timbre, his energetic and dynamic performance” (Diari de Terrassa, Spain)

“One of the true jazz flautists quite rightly renowned for his tone, virtuosity, guts, and eclectic style” (Jazzenzo, The Netherlands)

“Pek is a passionate story teller in turns conjuring up, powerful, warm and breezy. This band is a coherent and compact unit (Internet jazz magazine, The Netherlands/Belgium)